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(But I didn’t particularly want to show off my fat thighs anyway, so the point was moot.) I never got the idea that wearing a tank top was some horrible sin.(And I was really grateful for that lack of horrible-sin mentality when I went to college in the humid southern U.

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Young women dating object lesson

(She’s a young woman of many contrasts, what can I say? Her father and I pretty much think she can suck it up and deal with this stuff because the fact is, you probably can’t run an effective youth program without talking about chastity now and again.

) She’s annoyed by all the talk about modesty and dating, and she especially hates the chastity lessons because she thinks they’re creepy. (I understate, for effect.) The fact is, sexuality is a challenge for (most) teenagers.

I used words here to express more of the scripture, but they can do it how they want.

I allotted myself the ten minute limit that I allow my girls.

S.) One thing is for sure: I don’t remember ever, seeing articles on modest dress in the Friend.