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Yoon eun hye and hyun bin dating

However, before they could pay their respects, a woman holding the pharmacist's illegitimate son arrives and a fight breaks out at the funeral... Episode 2 - Mini skirt girl The four guys are gossiping about their friend, when Do-jin said they're at an age where they don't even know if someone likes them.

As they're chatting, they see a woman wearing a very short mini-skirt, so their eyes are drawn to her.

Do-jin even leaves the shop forgetting to change out of his slippers. The next day, at the wedding, Jung-rok is all smiles, but Min-sook looks angry.

Episode 7 - Jung-rok and Min-sook's wedding The night before Jung-rok's wedding, the other three guys go to Min-sook's house to give the marriage chest. The reason is that the groom's female friends are younger and prettier than the bride's.

Meanwhile, a teenager named Colin comes to Korea looking for the four men and claims one of them is his biological father.