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Mary Bee has giving me advice on a few tricks I am planning to do on my other post. Its just the waiting and such, I get these feeling and I know he is getting further away.

Please do not start a new thread on the same topic. Becoming physically ill because you are working to keep someone faithful is not a consequence of your work unless doing the work stresses you out.

LOL when my girl friends ask me, “You always have a new girl, do you just hook up or do you want something serious? “If I asked you on a date, treated you well, communicated with you during the week, and acted like a gentleman, you wouldn’t talk to me ’cause you’d think i was a punk.” None of those girls has disagreed with me yet. You see I went to an all-boys boarding school, and I noticed I was gettin no play while the dudes who I heard dogging their girls out all week and sometimes to their faces were getting tail all the time.

Is he in touch with the previous girl who flipped him into monogamy? Here was the first comment he ever left: What do you do with the girls who, when asked out on a date, look at you nicely and never talk to you again?

The truth is, a very high percentage of males understand that assholes get laid. Others work hard to acquire skills with women via Game. Some of these guys will like the action so much, they won’t ever come back from the Dark side. You gotta figure about 20% of guys getting laid are jerks. That doesn’t make them fun to be around, but it does mean they are susceptible to being poached.

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    And some guys are so timid, find it difficult to even make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex.

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    The third wave of Muslim immigration has emerged from this desire to remain separate from Danish society, and is composed of spouses brought from the countries of origin for the Danish descendants of first-generation immigrants.

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    Angular unconformity – tilted rocks are overlain by flat-lying rocks b. William Smith (late1700s–early 1800s) noted that sedimentary strata in widely separated areas could be identified and correlated by their distinctive fossil content 2.