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With 13 courses available ranging in difficulty levels (the higher up the course, the harder it is) there are plenty of options to choose from.

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They learn how to make larger and more complex forms, and explore methods for altering thrown pots to create vases, lidded pots and other shapes.

You know who you are, always looking for a way to step out of your comfort zones together. Since most people have a full-time job and can’t always be traveling to find adventure, it’s important to find ways to be cute and adventurous right in your own backyard. Frontier Skydivers’ season runs from the first weekend of May and continues until the last weekend in October, so start building your courage now!

They go over some safety tips before piling into the boat.

If you’re feeling brave, try to get a front row seat! The front row ends up under at several points during the excursion and ends up getting the brunt of the class 5 rapids smacking down on the boat.

Artyard Studio has been providing a place where you and your children can explore many aspects of art and the creative process.