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For Singles in Worcester, date ideas are plentiful, but the tricky part can be finding the right person to share them with.

Whether you're more likely to spend your free time noshing your way through Shrewsbury Street, rowing the river, or dancing your way through the coolest new nightclubs, there is someone out there who will love sharing those experiences with you.

Recognizing recently that they had taken a backseat in beer tourism to wunderkinds like Tree House, this summer Wachusett launched a brew yard to create a more welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

The brew yard includes an Airstream bar and an enormous copper fire kettle.

Location: 72 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA Hours: Opens at 12 p.m. Flagship: Julius Acute attention to craftsmanship and consistency have gained Tree House Brewery a dedicated cult following from all over the country.