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You don't ever want to get beaten up or put yourself in a vulnerable situation and there were a couple of times when I felt uneasy, But it is just one of those things and you have to take a bit of a risk and I think it's worth it. I am interested in entering into this career path and so I am keen to get an insight into your course of study or previous jobs before you came to have you own documentaries. So then I went and saw how the British high street produces it's clothes in India and then I obviously stumbled across child labour.

Then I felt bad because I was like 'Why are you crying?

' but it is difficult to witness, I think, especially because we don't see it in England do we? STACEY: I think the hardest thing I've ever had to do was listen to Munsuyad...

Rape is acceptable if an attractive woman refuses their advances and murder is justified if a wife has been unfaithful or 'disobedient'. I had a crew who looked out for me and we had bodyguards.' Recalling her ordeal at the hands of her husband, which was witnessed by her two daughters, Heydi said: 'I had gone to visit my dad and when I got home my husband said he was tired of being with me.

I told him, "if you're are tired of being with me, then let me leave".

There's also an organisation called War On Want that has a campaign called 'Love Fashion, Hate Sweatshops'.