Who is lil romeo dating

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He shared a picture of them together on Instagram last week, and some of the ladies made their feelings known in the comments: “Welp, thr goes another 1…” “Our black men need to wake up!! After so much oppression to the black race it would be nice to see more black love.

” “What the hell is going on with our black men!?!?! I believe in interracial couples, but only for the right reasons.

Lil' Romeo) became famous as a child hip-hop star and is son of the legendary Master P.

Now at age 25, Romeo is looking for the right woman in all the wrong places.

Often, when they do, people have quite a bit to say about them and their significant other. The rapper, son of Master P, and the ICDC College spokesperson (hehe, just had to throw that in there), was spotted coming out of a venue with a pretty lady on his arm.