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The lower province was head of Grosseto and was divided into four captains, Grosseto, Arcidosso, Sovana and Massa.In the years between 17, the areas of the garland of Garland, of that of Venelle, Pozzaione and dell'Aronna were reclaimed.

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Who is donna mills dating

Massa actively participated in the Risorgimento movements that led to the unity of Italy.

Garibaldi himself went to Massa Marittima, later became an honorary citizen, and were some young Massetans, Lapini brothers among others, to help him reach Cala Martina to embark on Porto Venus in September 1849.

The century that marked the beginning of the final flowering of the city was the 11th century, when the gradual transfer to Massa Marittima of the episcopal seat of Populonia was looted by the Greek pirates and destroyed by the fleet of Niceta, Prefect of Constantinople: a letter from Pope Alexander II to Bishop Tegrin of 1062 testifies to the transfer of the bishop to Massa.

Originally inaugurated in Pisa (1216), the city was the peak of its splendor in the years when it became free commune (1255-1337), knowing a great urban expansion and thanks to the construction of high-value buildings still visible today .

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