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And to the guys who are going to write "HOW CAN YOU COMPARE MONTY PYTHON TO THIS GARBAGE? If I'm laughing hard at some show, that's usually a good sign.

But who knows, maybe I'm so much more stupid than all the clever critics out there. I once read somewhere that laughter increases your lifespan by (and this could be entirely wrong) 3 seconds.

Now, I'm not saying everyone will derive entertainment from their act.

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Whitest kids you know dating show

The sketches and jokes are so far fetched and hilarious that it is almost impossible not to crack a smile.

Yes, I do admit that in some sketches they repeat the jokes 'ad nausea', but they are so funny that it just makes the show all the more worth watching.

The next day, I was emailing clips from You Tube to my friends, and reading about the group. "Hitler Rap," "Wake Up The Neighbors," "Get a New Daddy," and "Gon' Make Luv" are so outrageous that I can't believe that I'm laughing at the content.

They also give completely messed up views of workplace life, history, drinking, dating and life in general.

Let me also tell you that the number of 10 stars is significantly higher than the number of 1 stars. The first time I watched "The Whitest Kids U' Know" it wasn't on television.

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