Weird sex chat

It means that we have a lot of time to ensure that we’re on the same page, and that we’re both getting what we need.Let’s be real — we’ve gotten used to feelin’ ourselves… Of course, dry spells can be difficult whether or not you’re in a relationship, but it’s especially infuriating when you know you be with the person you love — if only you could teleport to their bed.

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But at the same time, getting down over the phone or Skype gives us a different perspective.

It means that by necessity, we’re being vocal about what’s turning us on, and if we’re including visuals, that gives us information about each other’s fantasies.

Of course, I’d love to think that we’ll keep up the frequency even when we do share a roof and a bed.

But if I’m being honest, there’s a zero percent chance my body could sustain the three-a-day groove we’ve got going now.

Missing each other for weeks at a time means that we just cannot get close enough.