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Unless your site(s) are super critical in terms of resource usage, I'd say the overhead of having all requests going through the module pipeline is not that critical.Other than initial startup slowness for an Application Pool and first access performance is not likely to have more than a fractional percentage impact.I ran into a nasty little problem today when deploying an application using ASP. The application and its Routing were working just fine on my dev machine (Windows 7 and IIS 7.5), but when I deployed (Windows 2008 R1 and IIS 7.0) Routing would just not work.

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It looks like that with the release of IIS Express Microsoft has taken some steps to untie some of those tight OS links from IIS.

Let’s hope that’s the case for the future – it sure is nice to run the same IIS version on dev and live boxes, but upgrading live servers is too big a deal to do just because an updated OS release came out.

Want to find out more exactly on how extensionless Urls work on IIS 7? NET MVC Routing Works and its Impact on the Performance of Static Requests which goes into great detail on the complexities of the process.

Thanks to Jeff Graves for pointing me at this article – a great linked reference for this topic! Probably this was because you are using MVC/ Routing in ASP. My problem was solved mere by changing Appllication pool to ASP.

Moral of the story – never assume that your dev setup will work as is on the live setup.