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I second Mike's suggestion..the weather is nice on the day you visit I'd also suggest spending some time on the platform of the Kirkland Amtrak station which is a little east of the museum on the same line (about two to three miles east or so)...frequented by many railfans, on a curve and lots of action on a typical day. We ate at a nearby restaurant once, but there's probably no reason one couldn't bring a picnic lunch to some of the park-like surroundings. Quincey 161.415 comes into Lindenwood from the east by way of TRRA tracks (Treminal Railroad Association) 160.500 On the Illinois side, BNSF has daily transfers from Galesberg past Lenox (trackage rights on the UP from Toland/Walsh jct.) to and from the TRRA (Madison). I don't know anything about the East Side in IL, only from pictures I've seen or passing thru on Amtrak, never railfanned over there, some areas are not too safe.

Kirkwood is at the top of a grade in both directions, so one has no problems hearing incoming trains, and the locomotives are struggling as they pass you. Louis since the current Amtrak station was built, but it would seem to me that right around there would be a good spot to watch action on the UP (I suppose the same stuff goes through Kirkwood). BNSF has coal comming south on the K-line to the Portage des Souix/Ameren plant W. Our light rail Metrolink is a good way to get around, one branch runs from Airport directly to downtown and into IL, and the other runs from near Lindenwood Yards to another area in IL.

Players will be sub-divided by age and gender (depending on the number of participants).