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We have put together useful visa advice for all the destinations we travel to, so you can plan your trip and get any necessary visas set up before you travel.

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Take advantage of the lovely warm waters of the places you’re going to either give water sports a try or, if you already have some experience, enjoy water sports in a whole new place with a totally different feel.

There’s a whole variety of water sports that can be done all across the world.

It covers all your insurance needs, so you can have peace of mind when you travel.

Because at Gap 360 we really want to make sure that you have an unbelievable trip abroad! Find out a little bit about each staff member, from our travel advisors to our directors and everyone in-between: They share their favourite destinations and travel experiences with you too!

Even if you don’t focus on it, water sports are nonetheless a very good way to break up a trip with some more action-packed activities than you may be doing otherwise, or else just a good excuse to get in the water after a long, hot day!