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It’s one of those reality series that really is about activism, and because of that you can’t stop watching while simultaneously wishing the Browns would end the show. Portraying “good” polygamists, I recently found out that some of the wives were on welfare during the first season.

But the relationships portrayed seem far more honest and real than anything on P: M&D.

But for the most part, these people are having a great time. They get home from work and there’s a party waiting for them.-esque manner.

It's as potentially giggle-provoking as the phrase "making love"—a favorite euphemism on the show.

If you're a Showtime subscriber you can still watch any episode free on demand, or on a computer or device via Showtime Anytime. Here are all the free videos from Season 1, giving a good idea of what the show was like. Here are my many posts about Season 1, with recaps, spoilers, commentary, and notices in other media. Showtime’s Facebook page and website for the series.