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Lee Hazelwood wrote the original – made famous by Nancy Sinatra – and after collecting 10 years’ worth of royalties from the Megadeth version, Hazelwood demanded that the song be removed from future pressings.It was, though it appeared on 2002 was a brutal year for Dave Mustaine.

For those keeping score, Metallica hold the record for wins in this category with six.

Megadeth have additionally earned two Grammy nominations for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance but they have yet to bring home the hardware.

Sitting in a Greyhound bus terminal immediately after being ousted by Metallica, Dave Mustaine stumbled across this pamphlet, and you know the rest.

The screed also influenced Megadeth’s Armageddon anthem, From bassist Dave Ellefson’s addiction struggles that forced Megadeth out of the Monsters Of Rocktour in 1988, to Mustaine’s 17 trips to rehab, to the drug-related firings of Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson (who died of liver failure in 1999), there is no rational explanation for how Megadeth managed to survive the 80s, let alone the 90s.

Freshly-booted from Metallica in 1983, guitarist Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth as both an outlet for his mesmerising fretboard virtuosity, as well as a gigantic middle finger to his former bandmates. " Largely unfamiliar with the bloody sectarian violence raging there at the time, Dave’s comments incited a riot between Catholics and Protestants in the crowd and required the band to travel under heightened security measures for the remainder of their shows in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.