Validating an xsd

Using '*' for the target Namespace maps all target Namespaces without an explicit mapping to that CLR namespace.To make sure that the message contract name does not collide with operation name, you should either qualify the type reference with Note: When generating types to use with Xml Serializer, only a single namespace mapping is supported.It does not apply to any processing of that metadata. can generate code for service contracts, clients and data types from metadata documents.

For more information, see How to: Retrieve Metadata and Implement a Compliant Service.

For a service with a Basic Http Contextbinding endpoint, generates a Basic Http Binding with the instead. If you would like to manage context on the client when the service uses cookies, you can manually modify the configuration to use a context binding.

Short Form: Specifies the fully-qualified or assembly-qualified name of a type to be excluded from export.

This option can be used when exporting metadata for a service, or a set of service contracts to exclude types from being exported.

You should provide either a language name registered in the Machine.config file, or the fully-qualified name of a class that inherits from Code Dom Provider.