Updating phoenix award bios

We have collected a list of current and old Award Flashers on our Awdflash download section. 5.00) should only be used with older Award BIOS Core versions (eg. Newer versions generally add new commandline options and support for different brands of Flash chips.In general, when you download a BIOS for your motherboard, the manufacturer will have included a matching Award Flasher version.

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However, since we added the new microcodes as a compressed module, they won't show up in this list.

Additionally, since the microcodes are stored in a compressed form, you also won't see them if you run on your BIOS (this program was mentioned in method 1).

The following command will show you a list of all of the microcodes in your BIOS file: You should verify that the microcode for your processor's CPUID is present.

If you don't know what your CPUID is, check out the following guide: How to get the CPUID, Stepping, or s Spec for an Intel CPU.

How to fully reset your BIOSThis method is useful if your BIOS doesn't currently support a processor, and you want to add the microcode to support it.