Updating libtool

The libtool command takes the specified input object files and creates a library for use with the link editor, ld(1) .The library's name is specified by output (the argument to the -o flag).

The input object files may be in any correct format that contains object files (``fat'' files, archives, object files).

Libtool will not put any non-object input file into the output library (unlike ranlib, which allows this in the archives it operates on).

Binaries built from these sources will be posted to the project website over the next few days.

Other release points will be updated as time permits. Second release candidate for getdns-1.1.0 2017-04-06 Fixes for things uncovered during IETF98 Hackathon. getdns-1.0.0 release 2017-01-17 First spec complete implementation of getdns. getdns-1.0.0b2 release 2016-07-14 Really 100% spec complete.

To maximize sharing of a dynamically linked shared library the objects should be compiled with the -dynamic flag of cc(1) to produce indirect undefined references and position-independent code.