Updating flex builder

I enabled VS's "pretend JS is TS" setting so it catches some errors, but it's pretty hacky and not thorough, and I don't get to specify types in my program.

We built the Farm Ville-engine using AS3 and I still think it's one of the best programming languages I've ever used. Low friction for new users (most people had the plugin, we could stream the main binary and assets)0% chance we could have built the game using any other client-side tech stack available at the time. I'm sure you game devs optimized the hell out of it with object pools and all, but still, modern JS VMs could run circles around Flash's), the static typing was extremely limited: you could only type "Function", not the actual arg and return value types; type inference was non existant, Vector was invariant, etc. All I wanted was to make a dead simple hello-world node app that let me write it in VS Code, and recompile the TS to JS every time I saved.

Well, I used AS3 and Flex while it occupied a useful niche and at the time it was SO much better than the web platform. Let's face it, Adobe wasn't the best at language design. Suddenly I had to learn about tsconfig.json, had to install nodemon and have a process running in the background that I'm sure to forget to kill later, and I have no idea how either tsc or ts-node plays into any of this...

It pains me to no end to watch this designer-friendly* language fade away into oblivion. Still, big ups to everyone who worked on Flash, past and present. I forget), so it took a on lot of the undesirable features of Java Script, it was never a complete break from it.

Also, Adobe made a big-ish mistake in that it didn't keep the runtime separated from the VM - a lot of the VM abstractions (like pointer tagging) leaked into the runtime, and this is why a lot of things were harder to optimize in the VM than they should've been.

Building a decent language that compiles down so cleanly to Javascript is a minor miracle.