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Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Windows XP; Users Should Upgrade (Source: howtogeek) Nearly two years ago, Microsoft finally made the decision to stop supporting the widely popular OS (operating system) after a 12 year run.

Windows XP faithful (and there were many) were encouraged to say their farewells to the beloved OS and move on to newer Microsoft technologies, or continue to use XP at their own risk as the OS was no longer receiving security updates.

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Unfortunately, many users chose the latter option, leaving their computers susceptible to a myriad of threats.

Worse yet, people stubbornly continue to use Microsoft XP, despite the security risks.

Using an Up-to-Date Internet Browser on a Supported OS is Important As Well Making sure your operating system is supported is critical, but it’s not the only step users need to take to stay secure.

If you’re using a supported OS, but fail to keep your internet browsers updated, you leave yourself vulnerable every time you browse the web.

To upgrade to the latest version, check your version number, then follow the steps to upgrade an APM-managed installation or to upgrade a copy/paste installation.