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Yes, it’s true I am now using a very good and fast browser which is far better than Google chrome and Internet Explorer.

The browser name is Maxthon 3.0 which is really cool.

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you'll find the files here: I went to the link provided above. Close down Firefox and now the icon for Firefox should have been installed on your Menu bar. id=0By Oo Bxsh1l LPTk Nj Ymx1R09z NWM It's somewhat reassuring that others have these problems - I rolled back 2 installations which had the FF55 rubbish, and while using one of them it has frozen twice (cannot get anywhere either by monitor or SSH).

Firefox should launch correctly and open with the two default Ubuntu tabs. Any ideas how to tell the google servers that the firefox is not on a mobile? id=0By Oo Bxsh1l LPd XJ0Wl U2ZEpv VFU

make a backup of your /home/(username)/.mozilla/firefox directory. Now this is what I did to get back a working version of Firefox, (this is utilizing both gui and cli): Launch Filezilla and go to ftp://ports.(anonymous login), in the Remote site: window type in /ubuntu-ports/pool/main/f/firefox Open a terminal window and go to the directory that you use to download the file from above. How is it possible that some ■■■■■■■ slipped in a script during some previous upgrade or patch to make sure that my system was updated every day? Why is there a mechanism allowed to over ride my choices without notification? Solution: sudo apt-get purge unattended-upgrades I have had to roll my system back 3 times now. I understand there's an installable app for android that does all that, but not for RPi.

So the fix for the moment for me was to rollback to the last version before 55.0.x which is 52.0.2....First! So I find that there is an apt function called unattended-upgrades. Especially when FF 55 is broken and causing wide spread havoc on RPI platforms. If I understand, now firefox is telling google drive (the online thing) that I'm on a mobile, so all the menus & options I had (image 1) are missing (image 2).

just ignore these messages, they are just warnings. It may well be more appropriate to start a new thread, but the problem is a spinoff from this one, so unless I'm advised otherwise...