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Alistair Tweedale The Next Gen ATP Finals draw party has been branded 'sexist' after a remarkable ceremony in which players were made to select their groups for the tournament by choosing female models.

In the absence of Novak Djokovic, Viktor Troicki and Janko Tipsarevic, the French were expected to enjoy a calm weekend in the northern city of Lille.

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Dans des propos rapportés par « Cela voudrait dire que je suis presque à 1000 points des autres, puisque les autres vont jouer aussi et gagner des points aussi, a réagi Tsonga en conférence de presse à Anvers.

Ça passe par gagner un tournoi, au minimum gagner Vienne et faire finale à Bercy.

Norrie once even held his hands out in resignation as another Tsonga ace flew by and his defeat was confirmed after an hour and 23 minutes when a final backhand hit the net.

Norrie admitted after the match he paid the price for lapses in concentration.

Australia, 28-time champions, are chasing a spot in the final for the first time since it won the title in 2003, while Belgium are trying to reach the final for only the third time.