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The Tank goes on to explain his family drama with mom who just passed away (R. P) and dad who is being controlled by the crazy, money-hungry older sister.

And finally, just as I’m waiting for cameras to start popping out from behind the bar, Tank proceeds to tell me about all the fat girls that contact him online and that his new best friend is fat girl who “helps him sleep at night”. I end the date by making up a lie faster than I have ever done (which is both impressive and disturbing) and got outta there with a “we’ll chat soon”.

Julie Spira is an online dating and cyber-relations expert.

As I travel through page after page of single men on my dating websites my first thought was “wow, can there really be this many men out there?

” then my second thought was “wow, and I’m still single? But perhaps my purpose is not to find a partner for myself but to help YOU wade through all the crap so you can find you’re own true love. And at the end of his profile he states “don’t forget to floss! Now granted, the guy had a great set of choppers and was pretty cute but I don’t know if I could date a guy that was more interested in what I have between my teeth than what I have between my ears.