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Also I change the field but never force the update as I add it to a list then outside of the Trigger. I can find a bunch of stuff on how-to for Before triggers but not much on After.I guess another solution would be to re-write the trigger this trigger is dependent on to, make its changes then after it makes it changes run this as the 2nd part of that pete's sake... I spent 20 minutes sifting through Dan's code and writing up an answer to his question. Teachable moment, let me post my answer ffs ;)I would love a teachable moment on After triggers.

@Dan, here is a very comprehensive answer as well, including functional code for your consideration. It's setting a field on a record within the list.

Yes, there are several things wrong with your initial code... Setting the list would mean assigning it a new value as in my first comment.

After digging around and unable to understand After Triggers I started to re-write the Trigger this one would rely on to make this more of a 2nd stage of the same trigger so they can just both be before triggers.

That said I would still love a deeper understanding of After triggers and why this failed.

In the first example, assume that you have a table named CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER insert_set_salary NO CASCADE BEFORE INSERT ON employee REFERENCING NEW AS N FOR EACH ROW -- Give starting salary based on education level.