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This is when the network execs gather to premiere their slates of fall shows for advertisers.

The name comes from the process of advertisers buying ad time “up front” based on the perceived success of the fall lineup.

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Typically, once a pilot is shot and edited, the network must decide which shows to run with, which to shelve for possible later use, and which to dump altogether.

The percentage of shows that get picked up for the fall lineup varies from network to network.

FOX 30 – Meagan Good stars in Fox’s serial adaptation of ‘Minority Report,” based on the Steven Spielberg movie, which was based on the Philip K. 31 – Morris Chestnut stars in a crime procedural pilot, “Rosewood,” which centers on Dr.

Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., a gifted, charismatic private pathologist who can read living and dead bodies like a book.

Of note, as of today, March 10, there are at least 73 pilots/series with black actors in starring/lead/supporting roles that have been ordered across broadcast and cable TV networks.