The pick up artist dating show

The best part, imho, of Neil Strauss’s new book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships is a scene where after breaking up with his girlfriend because he has decided he can’t live a monogamous lifestyle, he gets kicked out of an orgy by its New Agey organizer for eating popcorn from the snacks table during the orgy.

If you can get kicked out of an orgy for anything, eating Trader Joe’s organic olive oil popcorn is the best possible reason.

It’s impossible to read The Truth without thinking of Strauss’s earlier book that deals with his personal dating life, The Game.

In it, Strauss embeds with a group of pickup artists, ostensibly for journalism, and becomes a master pickup artist himself.

Pickup mania perhaps culminated with the ultimate validation of a mid-aughts trend: a 2007 VH1 reality show, hosted by "Mystery", the main character of Strauss's book.