The attleboro mutual liquidating trust

Alfred once purchased an oil painting of early Rockwood that had been made in 1875.The artwork later was inherited by daughter Emma, and upon her death, it posthumously was donated to the Rockwood Women's Club in her name by Marion Musser in care of Helen Wolf.For example: a trust into which a decedent’s business is placed to safeguard the business until it can be sold off.

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As a young man, in addition to farming, he learned the trade of shoemaking, and "by giving close attention to these two lines of work was enabled to provide his family with a comfortable home," said the 1906 book History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties.

When David was about age 19 or 20, in about 1833, he was baptized by Chauncey Forward, a Pittsburgh-trained lawyer, former congressman and leader of a movement to establish a Church of Christ in Somerset County. Daughter Lucina Younkin (1838-1919) was born on April 7 or 9, 1838 in Milford Township.

In 1911, at the age of 42, she married Harry Fernanda Berkebile (1870-1955). Burdened with cardiovascular and kidney disease, and then felled by a cerebral hemorrhage, she died at home on May 17, 1947 at the age of 78. Said a newspaper, "With the completion of the railroad in 1871, Mr.

Harry joined her in eternity eight years later on April 17, 1955. Independent-minded, she owned and operated a millinery store in Rockwood until the Great Depression year of 1933. Younkin's store business fell off owing to the removal of the railroad laborers." For some years, they lived on a farm inherited from Emma's father near Salisbury Junction, where Elias was a farmer and brick maker.

In an obituary, the Herald said: "Deceased was a native of Bedford county, but removed to this county about 1871, since when he had been a resident of Rockwood.... Emma also once authored a paper on "Patriotic Molly Pitcher." Toward the end of her life, she was admitted as a resident of the Somerset County Home for the Aged in Berlin.