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I can't comment on primary teaching, but certainly in the last 20 years blokey, sporty young men have not been attracted to teaching and in my time graduate men were inappropriately bossed around by a mostly female admin hierarchy.

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I already come in early in the mornings and leave late in the afternoons, with still copious amounts of work left, that I 'need' to get done I felt like I wasted quite a few years of my life studying teaching, as the pay to work ratio is so out of whack, it's ridiculous.

This is coming from someone who got full-time work straight away out of uni, and was told, they have the potential to be a great teacher (apparently).

I can't wait until I quit, I'm just waiting to get the right opportunity.

My issues were numerous; the last contact I had at a school I had been at for some four years was a nightmare - shocking behavioural management issues; management turning against me, and certain teachers in one of the departments making it very clear that I was not wanted. marking, writing reports, developing "individual learning plans" for the students who are falling behind, dealing with parents, managing some terrible behaviour issues, covering classes for the teachers who seem to call in sick whenever the pressure is on, supervising lunch and after school ...

I encourage people to quit - because why waste your life, working so hard for little pay in comparison, when the only thanks you get, is some student giving you the finger?