Speeddating questions

Pick your outfit out the night before also, so that you can easily get yourself dressed and ready to go without being late to the speed dating event.

Be sure to dress yourself nice because statistics show that when speed dating people usually make their decision in the first three minutes.

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This is a very safe environment for you to ask these types of questions and then you will know right away before wasting any time.

The best thing is that if someone isnt right for you, you dont have to do any explaining to them, they simply wont receive any of your information. Start With the Basics Your first set of question should be just the basic questions like name, age, job and where they live.

You are going to meet quite a few people who you have never met before and it can be rather nerve wracking.

Your best bet will be to go to the event as well prepared as possible.

About Speed Dating Speed dating is a matchmaking method that allows you to meet many potential dating matches in a short period of time.