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5, Rifles or, a 25 yards range; set the sights at 1,300; have your horizontal lines 23 and 25 inches above the bottom of the aiming mark; and use a measuring rod 24 inches long. The reason for harmonized firing is to avoid damage to landscape TARGETS . Put the section in position, and get the section commander to organize an arc of fire.

Make a mark on the screen at the top of the rod, and put the centre of the scoring rectangle on the mark; shots in the small rectangle count two, in the large rectangle one." ************* Below is a series of five Hill Siffken Landscapes of the Continental Series Below is a photograph of a Musketry Class of 1915 taken with a Landscape target utilising the "Continental" Series sections nos. No.9 was representative of a 'actual country in France' and no.10 of the same in Belgium. E.) which had , by 1915, been technically superseded by the rifle Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield ( S. Corrective instruction could then be given as necessary. Even the advertisement remained the same, the only difference being an increase in the price of the targets of 2/6d ( half-a-crown) for a set of 5.

Working with the L’Oréal team, we’ll be pairing inspirational women in science with primary schools, to help instill a love of the sciences at a young age, and to excite them about the possibilities of a science-based job.

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By 1937, many of such slide images used original photographic transparencies rather than artist drawn representations.

Equivalent Landscape Targetry systems to those shown on this page are still in use today by the Regular, Territorial and Cadet Forces for training.

The pointer at the base of the plumb is placed over the specified aiming point on the landscape target, whilst the grouping guage falls over the bullet strikes on the "sky screen" approximately 27 inches above.

The latter day sky screen is hessian with brown paper pasted to the face side.

The Inspiring Women campaign already has over 24,500 amazing women ready to talk with girls in state schools about the ‘job they do’ and route they took.