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As I have matured, much like my move away from a Mc Donald’s menu I have found numerous ways to fill my free time with non-racing activities.

But, no matter how hard I try to back down from a full-fledged auto racing agenda, my last seven months have completely revolved around satisfying my need for speed.

And as expected, Kokomo’s pit area collected a massive amount of machinery, 127 machines on Friday and more than double that figure for Saturday’s stock-car exclusive (264).

Remembering as a six-year-old my refusal to try turkey at Valparaiso’s legendary Strongbow Inn, I recall my ridiculous request for a Mc Donald’s hamburger and French fries instead.

These days, I still suffer from the occasional fast food craving, but my current day quest for sampling the most unique, high-quality offerings from mom and pop eateries shows just how much my culinary choices have expanded.

However, the action beyond second firmly held my attention.

Especially noteworthy was a super-stacked first heat in which Tyler Courtney, Chad Boespflug, and Shane Cottle sliced and diced for third, ultimately sending Shane to one of two B-mains.

Some 68 balmy degrees at race time for Friday’s Kokomo Klash, the continued warm weather is what made the season’s end not seem fathomable.