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I have attached a photo from 2016 UK MGA Day at Charlecote Park. I have a couple of DVD’s from the collection of Lindsay and Karin Caffin which they have donated to the Club.The rerun of the MGA Golden Anniversary Badge has been distributed, but I have four badges left over (order not picked up or some other reason). Hopefully we will have some photos from MG LIVE at Silverstone which Alan and I will be attending.

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Out of action for 6 to 8 weeks at least, but lucky to still be with us.

Message for the rest of us, ladders are not a good idea for our general age group.

Dick Manning was also unable to attend because of illness (no ladders) and he asked me to tell members about an “F” night he is planning for 14th July 2017 (Bastille Day).

He will have a sausage sizzle and a few surprises on the “F” frame he will set up.

This was displayed in the back annex because Gary and Velli have recently had a new hood fitted.