sasunaru dating game part 3 - Sia and jd samson dating

Whenever there were problems with straight kids harassing us we had a whole gang of kids to back us up.”“It was really important when I was a kid, because her coming out was this weird thing in my life.I was like 9 or 10 when I found out that she was gay and I remember feeling all these crazy feelings about it; she was like this really important figure in my life and now somehow we have all the same friends just from being in the arts.“It was really hard to come out of the closet in Ohio as a fifteen-year-old lesbian” she writes on the Le Tigre website.

Hey I think JD was roaming round in tight jeans and andro shirts before American Apparel was invented and as she puts it in Le Tigre song Viz – “They call it coolness / We call it visibility”. In Brooklyn where she lives, JD hangs out with the NYC indie lesbian icons: Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules and the Love Affair, Melissa from Telepathe and DJ Lauren Flax and then Sia the blonde Aussie who writes for Christina Aguilera and is dating JD.

If you follow their Twitter feeds it sounds like they’re always lounging around hipster joints, having dinner with each other, collaborating on tracks and just doing some cool shit….

Some things start off as chord progressions, some things have been melodies, some things have been content ideas.

Sometimes I’ve been lying in the bath tub and I came up with this melody, and then totally built a song around it.

JD: It can mean so many different things, it can mean MEN as in humans.