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I will explain to you where I've been, and let you follow me around while I do daily chores and get ready to have some company over later. I'm kind of drawing a blank as far as updates that don't include the cast!

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JOIN NOW Member's Only July 10, 2017: Heels Comparison A requested video.

Sort of a comparison of what it's like to wear high heels with my new chair and new footplate.

My legs are very tired and sore so all the added movement hurts quite a bit, but it's still good exercise for me.

JOIN NOW Member's Only May 24, 2017: Stretching, Spasms and Pantyhose I recently received this incredibly sexy pair of pantyhose from a fan, so I decided today I would do some stretching and floor exercises while wearing them.

I just ordered this hot pink leg cast kit for my very first cast update! I've had SO, SO many requests over the years, so this is going to be very fun. Member's Only July 14, 2016: Note from Sexy Para Therapy went great!