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In an attempt to understand how urban South African women feel about their sexual well-being Columinate survey company, in partnership with condom manufacturer Durex, conducted a Women’s Sexual Wellbeing survey.

The survey was conducted between August 13 to 20, with 1000 sexually active women, older than 18 years.

O’Connell added that the recommendations will adversely affect the government’s 2017-22 National Strategic Plan ( prevention and care. Research published in the Lancet shows that decriminalizing sex work could prevent between 33 and 46 percent of infections in the next decade,” O’Connell said.

Marion Stevens, the coordinator for the Women in Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health organization and a research associate for the Gender Institute at University of Cape Town, also criticized the report.

Partial criminalization, also known as the “Nordic model,” would mean that clients could still face arrest and prosecution, but not sex workers.

The report, which contains draft amendment bills for total or partial criminalization, has been presented to the minister of justice and correctional services for consideration.

“Our Department of Justice seems to have tried to hide their failure of protecting women […] by releasing a report that was not thoroughly worked on – they somehow did not see that they are adding fuel to the fire with these recommendations,” she said.