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Question from Barbara: I'm currently dating a gentleman very sweet in every aspect. It is very intimate to let someone into your home and it may set up expectations for a fuller relationship that you're not ready for.

We both are widowed, and we have gone out, but I'm not ready to invite him into my home. Still, there is an arch to relationships: They either get more or less intimate. It hasn't been clear that someone was asking the question about a gay relationship.

Pepper Schwartz Question from Carl: I recently started dating after a divorce. He is 22, and he has heard of "dating." Question from Guest: Men with gray hair are thought to look distinguished. And they are good introductions to social networking, and a good way to ease into trying an actual dating site. » Question from Leanne from Austin: What are the rules about dating and sex today? One of those things that you can pick on is whether you and this person have similar values.

What advice would you give me as far as first date suggestions? And if waiting is important to you, I assure you there are people out there who feel the same.

And it's easy to grow apart because you're not sharing day-to-day life.

That said, I know people who had HUGE distances between them and survived that and ended up committed and together.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to meet the love of your life.

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