Sex chat avatars

It is interesting to know whether people generally try to select avatars that represent themselves accurately, or whether they aim to display themselves differently to the electronic world than they appear in real life.

It is also interesting to know the conclusions that viewers draw when seeing someone’s avatar.

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This question was addressed in a study by Katrina Fong and Raymond Mar published in the February 2015 issue of .

The researchers asked a group of about 100 people to choose avatars for themselves using the website

The ratings of the avatars showed that people could assess another person’s extraversion and agreeableness to some degree, and could not do a particularly good job of rating the other characteristics.

The researchers also examined the aspects of the avatars that were most correlated with people’s personality ratings.

I published in the past as a Guest Blogger in Skype Journal and Skype News some graphs and comments and will continue this here.