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And because you're you, you oblige – never taking anyone's side, but still letting each individual believe that they're your nearest and dearest. Most people's camera rolls consist of selfies, photos of really cute dogs they saw on the street and ridiculously overcooked Instagram shots. Instead, your phone is stacked with Because heaven forbid they should text the object of their affection without 892 rounds of edits.

Agony Aunts are either in a 10-year relationship with the first guy they ever shifted, or they've never been able to get beyond the first date. After all, you could probably finish it in a single sitting – and it's probably the easiest route to getting the TV show you so richly deserve.

So, the reason behind this e-mail is firstly to admit to someone that this is who I am (THANK-YOU for giving me the place to do this).

Secondly it would be wonderful to get views from you and from listeners, maybe discover that I am not alone and get some understanding of it.

I can't buy the feeling of being a part of someone else’s world, of sharing the happy or sad moments, the feeling of being needed, and mostly of being a mother.