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', as the camera panned to her hand on his manhood through his underwear, before the scene cut off.Things first began to hot up on the episode when the pair were getting ready for bed, with Sarah wrapped in a towel.Smirking, Chad was heard questioning if the star was naked, before asking if she wanted to 'Netflix and chill' that evening - causing Sarah to giggle.

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A show insider told The Sun: 'There's a lot of heavy petting going down between the couple.

Sarah's hand disappeared under the covers and Chad's boxers came off.'Viewers can draw their own conclusions about what happens - but it's pretty clear.' Raunchy: The former Girls Aloud star’s tumultuous romance with Chad was taken to the next level after she appeared to perform a sex act on the American TV personality during an encounter in the Borehamwood compound’s shared bedroom In the build up to the intimate moment between the pair, Chad had admitted to Sarah that he finds it hard, causing her to ask: 'What, sharing a bed?

The pair were first seen resolving their tiff, over Chad's attitude to food in the house - before the hunk comforted Sarah when she realised seven of her eight housemates had nominated her for eviction.

Breaking down in tears, Chad was seen hugging her as she cried, and kissing her after she clocked he had been the only one to not nominate her.

I've just got to maintain some decorum while I'm in the house.'Quick to highlight her previous statement, after she was seen with her hands on Chad's manhood, fans hit out at Sarah via Twitter, as one fan penned: 'I thought she didn't want sex in the Big Brother house. Don't ruin this now.'Another said: 'Sarah called out Jemma for doing sexual things on tv but then she's doing exactly what she called Jemma out for and I'm like???