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Create a new Purchase Order Number range to differentiate In the SAP standard info structure S012 is updated by the Purchase Order creation date, not the Goods Receipt date. a Purchase Order is created in January and good receipt is in February and March, S012 will shows the values in period January.LIF - Vendor number BES - Purchase Order Number BSA - Order type EKG - Purchasing group EKO - Purchasing organization WRK - Plant LAG - Storage location MKL - Material group WAK - Promotion PO Release Strategy to check all the fields available for controlling the Purchase Order. If the total value for the Purchase Order exceeds 10,000, release strategy 01 is assigned to the Purchase Order.Choose activity Setup – Orders, deliveries, billing Choose the activities enter the infostructure (S789), give name of the run, date of termination, time of termination, No. Then execute – RSA3 – Extractor checker Give the data source name eg.

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If your doing the Delta update:in R/3 side : MC25-Updating set to either V1 or V2 or V3. Deltas for LIS: After setting up the LIS environment, 2 transparent tables and 1 extract structure is generated for this particular info structure.

and the to : LBW0 -Select the radio button Active/deactivate and Execute. Within transaction SE11 you can view the tables ‘Snnn BIW1’, ‘Snnn BIW2’ and the structure ‘Snnn BIWS’ and the Info Structure itself ‚Snnn‘ The tables S5nnn BIW1 & Snnnn BIW2 are used to assist the delta update process within BW.

Date catalog Select characteristic catalog and enter, click on characteristic select the source table and it will be display the relevant source field and select the source field, copy close, copy. Select the radio button-Generate data source and Execute.

Posting period Updating –1)No updating,2)Synchronous updating (V1), 3)As synchronous updating (V2), 4)As synchronous updating (V3), – LBW0 - Connection of LIS Information structures to SAPBW Information structure : S786 Select the radio button-Setup LIS environment and Execute.

To check the Order price history, go into the material info record and click - Purchase order as an e-mail From release 4.5, you can send your purchase order via output determination.