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Let’s think just for a minute about how amazing it actually was to have a character like Unique Adams on Network Television.She was a black, plus size, supremely talented and fashionable trans girl who had a group of friends who actually cared about her and, when they weren’t being completely ignorant, tried to support her in her transition.

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They shared some of the most romantic moments and duets on the whole entire show.

And they got married, in the end, at a by Mey Rude Okay, yes, there was a lot about how the show treated Unique that was a straight up mess, but there was also something revolutionary about her.

Gay men are more prominent, but up until very recently, they were never seen in sexual (or even overtly romantic) situations, especially on network television.

Gay women, however, have been hyper sexualized and used as ratings bait for over a decade. Their first time having sex was as important as Rachel and Finn’s first time having sex.

They kissed with their mouths open and also with their tongues ON FOX.