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Bernhard, 61, leans left, though she leaves the heavy lifting when it comes to political comedy to specialists while sticking to her pop culture forte. What are some of the topics that will be bandied about during your Joe’s Pub run? There’s AARP, the real possibility that you are about to enter the unsexiest time of your life. Getting us to laugh again will be a big job, but if anyone can do it, it’s her.“I’m happy to be a diversion,” she tells us. I think that’s what people need right now.”RELATED: Anti-Trump carolers Nasty Women’s Chorus are here to make the season bright We chatted with the downtown resident about what she’s hearing on the streets of New York and her new show, “Sandra Monica Blvd: Coast to Coast.”You are one of Hillary Clinton’s “nasty women.” What went through your mind when it was evident that Trump would be the president? I’ll talk about running into people on the streets of New York, like Amnesty International. ” I say, “I’m already involved in covert activities to undermine the very core of your organization.” Sometimes, I include the little asides: “Overheard on 10th Avenue, a blonde in yoga gear on headphones, ‘Yeah, that’s because she’s a dumb bleep.’”Your Sirius radio show, “Sandyland,” has revealed another side of your humor. A lot of my fans didn’t know I had this side, which is conversational and emotional.

Society and the radical feminist minority are pushing more and more women away with their aggressive demeanor towards men, love, femininity and masculinity where women today, more and more, and subconsciously realizing they want real men to be their “big spoon” as one of the girls put it, to be there for them physically and make them feel safe.

I also asked them what attracts them to me (i’m not romantically involved with all of them mind you) but the theme was the same.

Now these three women couldn’t even agree on their feminist values.

Therefore how can we take any feminism seriously if all feminists around the world all have a different idea of what feminism truly is, and what they are bitching for.

I just wish it was a little looser like it was 10 or 15 years ago. The money came in and forced so many people out, but it’s still a good place.