Salsa dating

Never being one to back down from a challenge, I went along with a friend to Swing Latino and had a tryout lesson and tentatively even attempted a routine or two.

Based on this profound experience I can provide five reasons why you should seriously consider learning Salsa dancing. Even the shyest of wallflowers will blossom in a salsa class. One of the things I loved about the class at Swing Latino was that you change partners more often than a member of a boyband.

Tonight, we host this event in the beautiful outdoors on top of one of DC's hottest clubs.

PLUS, we combine this event with a post Salsa dance class, in which you rotate with new dance partners during the lesson.

You've got 5 minutes with each dance partner to find out who they are, what they do and what exciting collaborations may be on the horizon.

Whether you are looking for a potential new soulmate, new friend(s), or just a good time, join us as we present an exciting Singles Party that attracts hundreds of people each time we host it.

I have put as much information as possible, that I can release, on this page, , many thanks x Please Email Info Inc Age, sex, hobbies, occupation, personality, what you like & are looking for in a partner, as I like to personalize the events with similar age groups/backgrounds. "Warning - I've heard complaints re 'Jersey Dating Detective in Guernsey' - although I was asked to appear in The Guernsey Press for Jersey Dating Detective in Guernsey, please note Jersey Dating Detective has had 'NO Contact' whatsoever with me since.