rules to successful dating - Safaree samuels dating nicki minaj

He said he’s getting use to being around people again.

On who’s around Nicki now that’s going to keep it real with her: “I don’t know.

On trashing Nicki in the media: Safaree said he would never do anything publicly to bring her down. He said he could bash her if he wanted to, but he’s not going to do that. On his relationship with Meek: “He don’t owe me nothing. On rumors that Meek was telling Nicki that Safaree was cheating on her: “Listen, me and her were together for me and her. No one else had anything to do with me and her and where we are now. If it wasn’t for [Lil] Wayne, none of us would be here right now”.

I know people do try to tell her stuff, but I don’t know who.” On his relationship with Drake: He said he doesn’t know Drake that well, but he likes him. On how he felt when Nick co-signed with comedian Lil Duval after he called him corny: He said, “That was the thing that made me say I got to say something. She can get married tomorrow and be pregnant the next day and I would wish her nothing but the best.

The group didn’t work out so she tried her solo thing and they moved to Atlanta. On why they kept their relationship a secret: He said he really doesn’t understand why she wanted to keep it a secret. On Nicki kissing Lil Wayne on the lips, giving Drake lap dances & the lyric that Wayne said about her man not hitting it right on “Only”: “As far as the ‘Only’ song, that’s something that people on the outside took more disrespect than I did because I’ve been dealing with it for so long it seemed like the norm to me. He said he’s not mad or bitter because if he wanted to make it work he would have tried to make it work.