best disabled dating website - Rss feeds not updating in firefox

You can control the scroll speed and smoothness; you can hide it when empty, and you can set it to work only for certain feeds.If the sheer idea of scrolling feeds appeals to you, RSS ticker will definitely do the trick.

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Rss feeds not updating in firefox

Well, the display of the feeds in that small window isn't too great, especially if you don't have a big screen resolution.

However, the standalone window mode pretty much remedies that.

If you're familiar with Techmeme, Megite or our own Mashtracker and their clusters of related items, think of Blog Rovr as the same thing - on the go.

Blog Rovr displays items in a customizable window inside your browser, which can be easily hidden if need be.

Although Sage has some important options like OPML import/export and advanced sorting of feeds, it's definitely not even near Wizz's complexity, but some users will appreciate the lack of clutter and the leaner learning curve of Sage.