Redating egg cartons

I know that her best friend called her crying in the middle of the night about a knot in her stomach that she worried was somehow tied to her son’s safety just minutes before she got the call that he’d been killed.

My friends joke about me being a witch because I always guess who’s going to date before they’re dating and how the movie ends.

But when I tell them my stories and tell them that they have it too – that they need to just listen, I see it in them. I’m not sure why it seems like my clan’s main ability is to unveil cheating scoundrel menz, but I’ll take it. But I chalk it up to generations of bad luck with bad men, and leagues of strong women who only made it through because of – you guessed it – other women.

No matter what you call it, A Woman’s Instinct is there.

This alone tells you one thing about Wakaba: she has balls of steel.