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It is the profit derived from these Live Show rooms that will be distributed quarterly to ROC token holders.

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100% of Live Show room post tax profits will be distribute quarterly in ETH to all holders of ROC ROC can also be redeemed for any services within the website at a 10% discounted rate to fiat purchases and redeeming 1 ROC token will also grant 3 months of free membership which will cost a fiat paying customer $29.95 per month.

You will need to retweet our tweets marked with #ROCico from our official account within 4 days after they’ve been tweeted, you should not delete them until the ICO closes.

For every ROC token sold during the crowd sale, 0.0333333333 ROC will be emitted to the bounty pot.

The Twitter, Facebook and Bitcointalk signature campaigns will each be allocated 20% of the final pot and 40% of the final pot tally goes to any exclusive marketing deal we may make a deal with.

An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money today.