Real life adult cams in homes

At the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, we look to nature as our teacher.

As in real life, however, nature shows us beautiful and profound moments, as well as moments that seem tragic or difficult to comprehend at times.

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Can somebody from Cornell clean up the nest so the babies don’t get sick? A small group of dedicated individuals embarked on a project to study the hawks’ DNA to determine the birds’ identities in 2014.

Doesn’t the nest get disgusting from all the blood and stuff? Many Bird Cams viewers feared they were D1 and D3, Big Red and Ezra’s oldest and youngest offspring.

E3 remained on the roof of the greenhouse for the afternoon, standing, but with the right wing lowered.

Shortly after the vents closed they opened and Cornell Facilities staff were contacted and immediately responded shutting down the motors to the vents.

It was upsetting news, but we took comfort in knowing that she was no longer suffering and in pain.