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As a result, such creatures forcibly expelled their kind instead of eating them which was a trait that saved some Hutts from death.As members of their kind grew fatter, these eyes tend to be hidden beneath folds of leathery skin though younger Hutts lacked this feature and thus had slightly more protruding eyes compared to their older kin.As a result of this, gender was more of a case of a Hutt's deliberate decision or a viewer's deduction.

Once inside, they began to feed on milk and remained there for the next fifty standard years.

Upon emergence, they weighed 70 kilograms and measured a meter from head to tail where they had the intellectual level of a ten-year-old Human.

Newborn Hutts, also known as Huttlets, would stay close to their parents for decades, returning to their pouches when they were tired, lonely or scared.

Other Hutts were sometimes known to kill them in fear of future competition.

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