Problems updating windows vista service pack 1

That may also explain why so many of us had successful installs later after having first failed - "Patch Tuesday" having happened in the interim, thus curing the problem.

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NET is usually installed by running Windows Update. I actually had to go through the update process a couple of times before it all worked properly. I ended up loading Q2017 onto my laptop because my Vista PC wouldn't let me convert back to Q2015. Nor have I had success yet in attempting to reinstall Quicken 2016 after uninstalling 2017; the failed attempt to install Q2017 seems to have snarled things up. I can't say I've "repaired" the damage resulting from the failed install of Q2017, but I succeeded in reverting back to the status quo ante and now have Q2016 working once again.

Are you sure you contacted the REAL Quicken Support and not one of the impostors out there on the web? This will be royal pain because I'll have to hook up the laptop to my external drive every time i want to back up (which is everyday). I suppose I could follow Stephen's example and go with the laptop, But that would be seriously inconvenient. I'm no computer whiz, but my sense of things is this:1.

I removed net 4.6.1 and installed net 4.5.2 My old q2016 worked and my Turbo Tax worked.

I thought "GREAT", problem solved so I loaded Quicken 2017 and got an error message saying q2017 could not run with net 4.5.2 and that I should install 4.6.1. The original question is marked solved and I don't know what is next.

I tried reverting back to 2015, but am now getting the same error message. Yes, I move my data between my Vista desktop and my Windows 10 laptop all the time.